About Us

"Bridging gap between Alzheimer and technology"

At Speaking Callosum,We aim to develop treatments for chronic diseases particularly neurodegenerative diseases by adopting a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach.We work at the intersection of plethora of subjects like biology,chemistry,physics,material sciences,electronics,nanotechnology and many more.An deeper Analysis of the problem lead us to the realization it is the dogmatic,insular and rigid approach precluded us from treating the disease.This Epiphany lead us to launch Speaking Callosum. December,2020 to revolutionise the diagnosis and therapies of Alzheimer disease.

Currently,We have been working on a simple saliva based test for Alzheimer disease which can detect the disease 5-10 years before the onset of disease. This would enable us to prevent the disease with suitable therapeutic intervention(concept of personalised medicine and certain drugs) .We have been investigating unconventional diagnostics like Cannabis, psychadelics and mesenchymal stem cells as a treatment for the disease.We have been enthralled with exosomes which would enable theranostics to become a reality.We seek to pursue these disease modifying therapies in near future.