Strip for Detecting Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease affects 47 million people worldwide and it steals one's identity. The key to manage AD lies in early diagnosis of the disease.In fact EARLY AND ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS COULD SAVE UP TO $7.9 TRILLION IN MEDICAL AND CARE COSTS. Our goals are-

To determine patients who are at risk of AD for the early intervention.

● To develop a quick, inexpensive and most importantly highly sensitive assay to

detect AD.

Exploiting microfluidics could be a better choice for developing the detection system as they satisfy the ASSURE criteria by WHO (Affordable, Sensitive, Specific, User-friendly, Rapid and robust, Equipment-free and Deliverable to end-users).


My strip had been able to achieve quite a high

sensitivity and it is able to differentiate between

Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia which is a


● It is also able to detect the elevation in MCI

patients and also people with familial Alzheimer's

due to genetic mutation like

PSEN,Bace1,PSEN2,APOE4 etc.This further validates the finding’s.

Future Aspirations

In the future the smart phone based device would be developed in order to

increase sensitivity,regulate flow of the analyte and most importantly make it

more quantitative.