Naman Rai

The Co-founder of Speaking callosum, started as a child who was inspired by science and world around him. He tried to understand the world around him with science As he grew up his interest in neurosciences deepened with time which lead him to read articles, watch videos and study journals. He was particularly interested in Alzheimer's disease as it affects 47 million people and one of the leading causes of death.The Treatment is cumbersome, expensive and ineffective.This lead him to take on research in the Lab. He has worked at Centre for cellular and molecular biology under Dr Arvind kumar on epigenetic mechanisms involved in Alzheimer's. Currently He is working at Clinical research facility (CCMB, Annexe 2) under Dr Kiran kumar.He have been working upon detecting Alzheimer's detection at CRF. Apart from Biomedical sciences He play chess and study philosophy and love to explore the world around him.He have also given several presentations on neuropsychiatry and neurodegeneration most prominently at oxford summer courses on schizophrenia.

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