War Against Coronavirus

Aptamer based Electrosensor for SARS-COV 2

The world has been hit by an pandemic which has affected 209,839 patients worldwide and caused about 11,187 deaths within a short span of time.The novel nature of the virus and limited nature of the virus precludes a medical treatment at the moment.The need of the hour is to mitigate the effects of the catastrophe. This could be achieved by the early detection of coronavirus within 4-5 days of the disease.Current method of diagnosis involves thermal detection followed by RT-PCR.The process of RT-PCR is an expensive process and requires professional intervention.Speaking Callosum came with a paper based device to detect the disease in the early stages.


Speaking Callosum had been extensively been working on point of care diagnostics.Speaking Callosum worked extensively upon detection of Alzheimer disease and came with a simple saliva based test for the same.The testing apparatus could be exploited to detect covid 19 in sputum and other biofluids..The detection of the disease could be optimised by exploiting an enhanced detection system based on a simple, electroanalytical system—based on the combination of a microcontroller impedance meter with easily fabricated Micro-Paper-based Analytical Devices (μPADs). We seek to use this sensor to detect the virus by exploiting aptamers.A quantitative analysis might be feasible. .The strip is placed in the analyser which is analysed by the microcontroller and this gives a digital reading.The analyser has an embedded microcontroller system to analyse the impedance and the paper strip consists of the ELISA assays and screen printed electrodes.

Achievements of the technology

1)This mode of electrochemical detection of Covid 19 which is highly sensitive owing to use of aptamers and electrochemical mode of detection.

2)The test exploits a microcontroller based impedance metre instead of traditional impedance analyser which optimise the process and cut down the cost.

3)The detection strip satisfies the ASSURED criteria by WHO.

4)The results can be communicated to other people and concerned agencies as microcontroller can be used for data transmission as it based on IOT.These could be make patient tracking easier.

5)It takes 5$ and 20 min to run.