Naman Rai in a group

Naman Rai

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult”

Naman Rai,the founder of speaking callosum begin his journey as a young child who was inspired by the world around him.As he grew up his interest in neurosciences deepened with time which lead him to read articles, watch videos and study journals.The destructive and devastating nature of Alzheimer disease inspired him to take up research in the Lab on Alzheimer disease and neuropsychiatric diseases at the age of 14 in summer of 2018 in grade 9 under Dr Arvind kumar.He has worked at various research labs like CCMB and NIPER Hyderabad.He has worked on diverse topics ranging from epigenetics to point of care diagnostics.This contributes to his unique outlook and approach towards the disease.

The current treatment of Alzheimer is ineffective and inept which is palliative in nature.Another facet of this epidemic is the late and often inaccurate diagnosis of the disease which is cumbersome and tedious.An deeper Analysis of the problem lead him to the realization it is the dogmatic,insular and rigid approach precluded us from treating the disease.This Epiphany lead us to launch Speaking Callosum.At Speaking Callosum,we investigate unconventional disease modifying therapeutics(DMT) which might reverse cognitive decline.DMT’s might prove to be most effective during preclinical stages of the disease.This lead us to develop a simple saliva based test for detecting Alzheimer disease.

Apart from being a bioentreprenur and technology enthusiast,He is chess player,voracious reader who is enthralled by philosophy,Sankirt gold medalist,blogger and most importantly an explorer.He spreads awareness about neuropsychiatric disorders and dementia through presentations,his writing and through other means.He gave a presentation at Oxford summer courses

Naman Rai cracked NEET 2021 with 99.1 percentile(AIR-1325) and obtained a perfect score in Biology.This feat has been possible by self-study without attending any Corporate coaching”. He would be future MBBS student and seeks to pursue the vocation of being a researcher and bio-entrepreneur.